Fuel and ignition

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PART #: JE-00
Description: Ignition Module Universal for all Full size grills 2-Pole fits AA Battery

PART #: JE-01
Description: Ignition Module 2-Pole fits AAA Battery

PART #: JE-02
Description: Ignition module for JPG75/100/200 1-Pole fits AA Battery

PART #: JE-03
Description: Ignition module 1-Pole fits AAA Battery

PART #: JE-08
Description: Rotisserie Electrode for JPG Premier 2007 and older.
PART #: JE-09
Description: Rotisserie Electrode for JPG Built in Charter 2008/09 ONLY. Square mount and has no wire (wire is JE-10).
PART #: JE-10
Description: Rotisserie Electrode wire for Premier Charter 2008/09. For electrode see JE-09.

PART #: JE-11
Description: Collector Box, Electrode and wires Full Size (2000-2003)

PART #: JE-12
Description: Electrode with wires Full Size (2004-Present)

PART #: JE-13
Description: Ceramic Electrode JPG75/100/200

PART #: JE-16
Description: Electrode Rotisserie for the JPG 700 and 850 Built in 2010 and newer (does NOT fit '08 or '09 Charter series).
PART #: JE-19
Description: Electrode Rotisserie for the JLS/LUX. Fits 2010 and newer LUX and Premier Series.
PART #: JE-24
Description: Collector full size 2004 and newer.
PART #: JE-25
Description: Collector Box JPG 75/100.

PART #: LF-70
Description: 24" Hose & Regulator Assembly (Full Size All Years/JPG 200)

PART #: JF-50
Description: JPG100/JPG75 Portable Regulator (2003-Present)